AL-KARIM engineering dealing with end-to-end engineering solution in hydro projects, cranes, diesel generators, workshop tools equipment’s. In addition, any kind of fabrications provided since last 25 year in all over country. Also provided the entire above projects consultancy.

Founded in Lahore, Pakistan , in 1995, AL-KARIM quickly grew to become the largest generator set Supplier in all over Country. Today’s range of AL-KARIM generator sets builds on our long heritage. We do not simply assemble a generator set, we walk the extra mile to make sure that all our products are tested and validated in modern world-class facilities, in order to deliver the best performance and longevity to each one of our customers. We don’t accept engine performance data without validating it ourselves in the environmental conditions which our products will endure. We can then safely say that, wherever our products are operating, they have been tested for that environment.

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